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The idea of ​​creating a family business was born out of our fascination with pajamas - which we both love.

Not always what we wanted and were looking for was available on the market,

so we decided to take matters into our own hands and create the -BibiBOOSTER brand.


We worked with great care

over all our projects - the quality of workmanship and details are of great importance to us, and because there are two of us: mother and daughter

two departments: Exclusive and Sexy.

We hope that you will fall in love with these pajamas just like us and you will come back to us for new models - which we will constantly create for you.

Vanessa and Marta Bednarek BibiBOOSTER


Rozwój działalności gospodarczej

ECO tags

ECO flyers

ECO stickers

ECO business cards

Biodegradable poly mailers

We chose 100% recyclable paper

with the addition of fruit pulp

and corn.


Because we both love nature and lead a healthy lifestyle, we did not want plastic elements or ordinary foils, so we took care of the smallest detail of our packaging.

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